Argo Workflows


I wrote documentation for Argo Workflows in May, 2023. This section includes articles about the Workflows CLI, REST API, Helm, security best practices, and performance tips.

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Advanced Kubeconfig Environments


I wrote Advanced Kubeconfig Environments for CoreWeave’s docs in May, 2023.

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How to Peer VPCs between Vultr Locations with Wireguard


I wrote this guide, with technical help from Diego Murray, in February 2023.

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MikroTik CHR VPC Configuration


MikroTik asked me to explain how to use CHR Router with a VPC.

I published the article where I worked at the time, and on their site.

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Documentation Creator Program


I designed and operated a documentation creator program between 2020 and 2022. Working with 100+ authors, I edited and published more than 2000 of their articles. Archive service courtesy of the Wayback Machine.

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