Dallas Echomail Hub

Dallas Echomail Hub Featured Image

Between 1987 and ‘89, FidoNet Echomail routed through a four-node hub system in Dallas, Texas. I was part of that hub, along with Jon, Wynn, and Chuck.

This arrangement was set up for cost-optimization. The four of us lived in the same area code so it didn’t cost anything to call each other, and we each had dedicated long-distance partner systems. I don’t remember where Chuck and Wynn made their connections, but mine were in California and Jon’s were in Australia. By passing through the Dallas hub, California systems could send Echomail to Australia with little expense and minimal delay.

Chuck LawsonNight City / Dallas Inbound1:124/100
Wynn WagnerThe POLE1:124/108
David FinsterPink World1:124/111
Jon SabolHardwired / Dallas Outbound1:124/200