Pink World - Animated

Pink World - Animated Featured Image

This is the animated welcome screen I used for a while on Pink World BBS.

When I discovered ANSI cursor positioning, I tried to do the most radical thing I could think of, which was painting the screen from bottom-to-top, right-to-left, as backwards as possible, and then filling in text on the right by floating characters in sideways. I was 16 and having fun.

Back in the day, TVs had two knobs to control horizontal and vertical hold. If you set them wrong, the screen would roll, and you’d see a black line seperating the top and bottom of the frame. Also, I liked this show called The Outer Limits. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, watch this 45-second intro.

That’s the story behind this BBS welcome screen. I drew a TV with the vertical hold misadjusted and a warning that “we control the vertical, we control the horizontal.”

It’s dumb, I was a kid. It was sort-of-but-not-really cool back in the ’80s.