Pink World

Pink World Featured Image

Pink World was my BBS.

It was part of the Dallas Echomail hub system.

This was my first real attempt at ANSI graphics when I was a kid. I stole the Opus cartoon character from Drew Olbrich and made a terrible font for the Pink World BBS.

Simulated 2400 bps playback is courtesy of AnsiLove

This BBS had several names over the years. At this time, I was obsessed with the album by Planet P Project. It’s still an awesome album, I bought another copy a couple of years ago. Before that, it was Magic Bus bacause I was listening to The Who a lot, and then Shark Sandwich, inspired by Spinal Tap. I never had any real imagination back then, apparently. I still don’t.

I also made a second version of the Pink World screen with actual cursor positioning and animation.